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November 4, 2013
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.: Lex Ferenda : Oswald Donahue :. by azuri-a .: Lex Ferenda : Oswald Donahue :. by azuri-a

TRYING FOR THIS AMAZINGLY PRO GROUP SOBS A LOT I HOPE I GET IN but i really won't be suprised if I don't like hahHAHA :iconpapmingplz:



ɤ   ›NAME:

Oswald Gregoire Donahue

ɤ   ›AGE:


ɤ   ›HOUSE:
Slytherin - House of the Cunning

December 17


167 cm / 50kg

ɤ   ›PET:


-- Barred Owl

-- Obnoxiously motherly: needs to be reminded that Oswald is NOT a baby owl and stop leaving dead animals everywhere

-- Clean: grooms herself constantly, starts to get panicky and loud in dirty areas

-- Attention Loving: requires constant feeding and grooming and petting and likes to distract from homework and or classes and when she feels      neglected she will MAKE A LOT OF NOISE and therefore, Oswald is forced to keep owl treats with him at all times.


Wood: Laurel

Core: Dragon Heartstring

Length: 11 ¼ in.

Flexibility: Rigid


Incarcerous - Binds a victim with magically conjured ropes.

Obliteration Charm - Used to eliminate things one doesn't wish others to see while leaving the surroundings intact and undisturbed.

Episkey - A simple healing charm, capable of restoring minor injuries.

Repairing Charm: Reparo - Causes a broken object to piece itself back together

Serpensortia Curse: Serpensortia - Conjures a large snake which will attack anything (other than the caster) within a short radius.

Counterspell: Finite Incantatem- Counters a spell as it is being cast, or cancels an ongoing magical effect.




- Care of Magical Creatures

- Hogwarts Orchestra

- Magical Theory


Cunning | Manipulative | Loyal | Stubborn | Intelligent | Composed | Unsympathetic | Sardonic | Protective


Whenever first meeting someone, the first thing Oswald does is quickly assess how useful or useless a person is to him in the present and future and acts in a way that ensures those who meet him are left with a favorable impression – even with those he considers useless, he will maintain a polite façade in order to make sure that anyone in association with that person will not be predisposed against him. The only time he allows himself to show anger or hatred is either when a- he has enough blackmail material against someone to complete destroy someone’s life and the lives of their children (not that this situation has ever happened) or b- he sincerely trusts and enjoys the company of someone, and therefore is secure enough to show his true emotions.

Oswald firmly believes in “the end justifies the means” and doesn’t hesitate to use distasteful methods to achieve his goals, willing to degrade himself and others, and to sacrifice as much as is needed – though he would much more willingly sacrifice someone else. He tends to think of humans as chess pieces- each ranked in importance and most easily sacrificed without losing the “game” or his goals. Even when he’s overpowered, Oswald will never permanently give up – though he may admit defeat for a short period of time where he will regroup and learn from his mistakes to form a more efficient and foolproof plan – in fact, in the cases where he almost fails, he’s that much more determined to make sure his enemy eats dust.

Though Oswald is very judgmental and is under no such notion that “everyone is equal”, he can understand that people excel in different areas and can have different uses – such that a muggle-born may be more intelligent, but a pureblood, though lacking in the brain department, may have a higher chance at wealthy connections. In this way, Oswald is very objective in his judgments.

For those rare few people who end up becoming important to Oswald on a personal level, rather than a “how useful are you to me” level, he can be very protective, and tends to be quite snarky and sarcastic, making teasing remarks and discarding all subtleties when it comes to things that he wants – a.k.a. being a huge brat. Though he excels in sucking up, when it comes to giving sincere gifts or trying to do nice things for people, he will ultimately fail – his own emotions making him panic and do stupid things, no longer able to make objective decisions (this is also why he prefers not to get attached to people)


ɤ   ›HISTORY: 

Oswald’s mother, Eleanor Donahue, was a muggle woman from old money, but who was determined to make her own way in the world and therefore cut ties with most of her family and moved to the city, where she fell in love with Oswald’s father – a pureblooded aristocratic wizard who was anxious to experience the “real world”. A year and three months afterwards, Oswald’s father was called back by his family to marry a “respectable woman” – a.k.a. a pureblood, but before leaving, to save Eleanor the heartbreak, he used a memory charm to remove the memories of their time together, but unfortunately the spell went awry and permanently damaged her brain, leaving her with a severe case of anterograde amnesia – where she lost the ability to create new memories, instead going through her life, thinking the same day was repeating again and again. Unfortunately, at the time when the spell was used, Eleanor was didn’t know that she was pregnant with Oswald and continued in her daily routine, until finally after some time – with her baby bump ever growing - she checked herself into a hospital because to her it felt like her stomach had expanded in the span of one day. When the doctors reported her pregnancy, Eleanor began to become hysterical, her mind unable to comprehend how she could have gotten pregnant or remember who the “father” was.

Soon afterwards, the doctors diagnosed Oswald’s mother, and called in her family. After a difficult birth where his mom had to be tied down – screaming all the while – Oswald was handed over to his family, who wanted nothing to do with the “bastard” and shuffled him along from relative to relative until he was finally permanently relocated to his grandfather’s country mansion, where he often played alone as a child, with only his nanny there to feed him and teach him, along with books that spoke of things like “mothers” and “fathers” – things that apparently every child should have.

Upon asking his grandfather about his parents, Oswald only received a short and blunt “Go off and play. Stop bothering me”, but Oswald’s curiosity and longing was unsatisfied so he asked his nanny who, feeling sorry for the poor child, told fantastical stories about why his mother and father were away – complete with space pirates and mermaids and castles – everything a young child would want. Content with these fantastical stories, Oswald spent his days daydreaming about the wild adventures his parents were surely having, climbing trees and building rock castles.

At the age of eight, however, Oswald’s grandfather had a stroke and had to be hospitalized – once again forcing Oswald to move, this time to a busy city with his aunt where the luxury of a nanny was both unnecessary and expensive. Forced to go to public school for the first time in his life, Oswald was both excited and a bit frightened (though he would never admit it), eager to make friends and have people to talk to that weren’t paid to be in his company.

At school however, Oswald found himself a prime target for bullies – small and thin, breakable glasses, socially awkward –school became his living hell, and he often cried to himself in his room – wishing for his mother or father to save him, to scoop him up one day and take him on an adventure – to a world where there were no bullies, no bruises, no pain. On the third week of school, thought he had finally made a friend and revealed to him his pride and joy - his father was a space pirate! – the entire class laughed at him, and Oswald stood there, face red with shame as he stared down at his shoes, finally understanding how naïve he had been. When he got home that day, knees scraped and skin bruised, he tore up all his storybooks, ripping every page out as he cursed his own foolishness. Soon afterwards, however, he confronted his aunt and uncle about his parents, no longer willing to fall for stupid children’s tales.

A week later, Oswald met his mom for the first time.

It was his own awakening – to see his mother, so weak and sickly, trapped in her own time – seven years having passed, and yet, only a day. Filled with a sense of bitterness, Oswald faced the truth – there was no adventure coming to save him, no loving mother here to comfort him – only a shell of what he could have had.

From then on, Oswald learned to protect himself – he wasn’t ever going to be powerful physically, but people were so easily led on, so easily trapped and humiliated by hopes and love – it was a simple matter of teaching himself how to do it. For half the summer, Oswald locked himself away in his room, using a mirror and a recorder and taught himself to lie – to smile at his own pain, to cry at his joy, to remain stoic in the face of his biggest anguish – for the other half, he observed – the characteristics of those who had power and charisma, the way they held themselves, talked, acted – not forget those of the weak, the fearful.

When he came back the school the next year, he was hardly recognizable – and truly, no one knew who he was till the teacher called role. It was a success – within weeks, he was now on top of the social food chain, loved by all – and yet he moved through the years with a sense of numbness.

Nearing his eleventh birthday, he received a letter – something about a magical school, and how ridiculous was that? Was this some kind of joke? He ignored it, throwing the letters in the trash as they multiplied, never quite believing until the night of his eleventh birthday – when the tallest woman he had ever seen came knocking on his door, arching her ridiculously thin eyebrow as she stared down at him and shoved a white envelope into his hand.

“An instructor will come to escort you and assist in the buying of your school supplies. Good day, Mr. Donahue.” And with that, the tall woman vanished.

Oswald was stunned – he couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry – his adventure had finally arrived, just three years too late. As he sat there, it took him a while to even fit magic into his world view – magic, real magic- not some stupid hocus pocus card tricks. Magic – the possibilities were endless, almost anything could be achieved – maybe it could even help his mother.

Soon after this, Oswald was emerged in a world similar to his old fantasies – potions and wands, mythical creatures – it was everything his past self would have dreamed of, now laid out in front of him. At Hogwarts, it was no surprise as he was sorted into Slytherin and though the entire concept of magic did take some time to get used to, he easily found the rhythm of things once again – after all, people were people, magic or not.

ɤ   ›VOICE:

Asa Butterfield:

ɤ   ›LIKES/DISLIKES: (optional)

+ Sweet things – he tries not to eat them though

+ Birds of prey: except for his owl because he finds her annoying (but still loves her dearly)

+ Silence

+ being outside – NATURE

+ Reading – he tries to stay very far away from fantasy novels, but sometimes he can’t resist

+ Flying on his broom

+ Playing his violin

+ Talking to people who he can be honest with

+ Genuinely laughing

+ People who excel naturally in a certain area

- Being overly emotional

- Having to converse with stupid people

- Feeling bloated

- Pretending to be weak

- Losing at anything (even if it’s not even a competition)

- Show Offs

- Cats (he’s allergic)

- Cooking

- POLLEN *sneezes*


    -          Before he knew he was a wizard, Oswald wanted to be a pilot and name his plane Netheirya – instead he got an owl…

    -          His goal in life is to help his mom recover

    -          His mental chessboard is like his “mind palace”

    -          On pure aesthetics, he finds hands really attractive (NOT A FETISH well maybe)

    -          He uses a “satchel” (coughmanpursecough)

    -           He doesn’t like Quidditch even though he likes flying; he thinks it’s a waste of time, but he likes the feeling of being in the air

    -          He’s pansexual – and also willing to pretend he loves people to gain favors/information

    -          Surprise, Surprise, he doesn’t actually like manipulating people, but he doesn’t dislike it either. For him, it’s just a natural thing to do, and he has no (ateenytinybit) of guilt

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